Wednesday, March 24, 2010



so help me understand how it is that people can like you so much yet act so indifferent sometimes? its crazy because i vowed to not bother wit any niggas after the still ongoing breakup (dont ask..lmao) with the father of my child. so he slips through the cracks only to disappoint like alll the others? this dating game is a real russian roulette kinda situation. as liberated i feel about being single this shit is for the BIRDS! i dont see how you guys do it! but i guess this is the only way to truly find that person that is for you.

what constitutes a good intro to an actual relationship? i ask this because i thought i had it figured out. the chemistry, the lack of those awkward silences, the similar interests? what happens when all thats there…but its still not right? or maybe one of the parties in question is totally down for the ‘lets see what happens’ idea & the other one is as well but …falsely? dont you think they owe it to that person to keep it real? to identify the hang-ups & figure it all out before one or both people are too far gone. (that was a drake reference for @Purple_Starship. i know shes gonna read this!LOL).

i think a lot of these issues come from past relationships. either we’re both still stuck on that ex or we constantly find ourselves comparing our next…to our ex. either way its a super bad situation. in either case its probably not the best idea to pursue that relationship..let alone any for that matter. you cannot fully give your ♥ to someone when you left a piece of it with the last love. regardless of how much you BELIEVE that youre over that person maybe your ♥ hasnt completely gotten over them. and if i dont know anything else i do know that your heart & your mind RARELY agree with each other. when they do tho… hold on to that person at all costs!!

this entry was more of an ‘excuse me while i get some things off my chest’ type of entry but if it helped or you partially agreed with ANYTHING ive said then its served a double purpose.



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TheStrange0ne said...

YASSS! That's the first thing I said when I saw FAR GONE (that will forever be embedded in my mind as a Drake reference) and YASSS @ the shout-out. *does a jig*

Now, on to the REAL comment. I completely agree with the part you cannot TRULY love someone if your heart is still being occupied with the last love. Although some people try to move on and seem genuinely happy with being a more sensible relationship, they are always left with WHAT IFS, and those 'What-Ifs' HURT when you realize you could have had something MAGNIFICENT vs. GREAT.

I'm single, and it's really not by choice right now. I'm one of those female who fall hard, and when I give you my heart, like that's it, you have me for as long as I want you (even then it's hard to get me away). The last guy I gave my heart to, I'm still in love with him, and I hate it b/c I know until I take my heart back, I'm screwed relationship wise. I cant be with another guy until my heart finally tells my mind "AYE, I'm Ready!!!" It sucks balls sweat sometimes, but that's Life, right?

(sighs) *favorites this entry* Freakin LOVE you for this Khris!!!!